Saturday Road Trip Itinerary:

* Start your day at the Watonga Regional Airport Fly-In.

* Explore Watonga’s Historic Downtown.

* Visit the Ferguson Home for their Re-Opening Event.

* Experience Roman Nose State Park.

* Dine at The Lookout Kitchen.

Watonga Regional Airport Fly-In

Breakfast – served from 8am-10am or until we run out of food.

Fly-In or Drive-In, we will be serving all!

Hosted by Watonga Regional Airport. Donations will be accepted.

The Ferguson Home Museum Grand Re-Opening will be on

Saturday May 27, 2023, at 11:00am.

Enjoy a free hot dog,

The Ferguson Home Museum will be open today to the public from 11:00 to 3:00. For more information about the Ferguson Home Museum visit

Roman Nose State Park has a lot to experience.

Visit the General Store by Bitter Creek Operating Co. They offer – a general store for all your camping and outdoor adventures; sports and recreation activities; a restaurant; and Kayak rentals.

Play a round of golf at the Roman Nose Golf Course.

Hike, fish, and enjoy the scenic views.

For more information about Roman Nose State Park visit

The Lookout Kitchen – Roman Nose State Park’s new restaurant – celebrated their Grand Opening on Tuesday, May 23rd, and is a perfect end to a great road trip. Check out their menu at

Info and photo credit to Red Carpet Country



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Watonga Regional Airport Fly-In & Breakfast * TB Ferguson Museum Re-Opening * Roman Nose Lodge restaurant, The Lookout Kitchen OPEN for Business